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  • Orbit - travel the perimeter of the property to showcase the house's landscape, exterior features and surrounding amenities.

  • Virtual tour - utilizing video stabilization equipment to provide a steady, professional video tour of the house that sparks interest more so than photos alone.

  • Capture large parcels of land for sale via a quick aerial shot.

  • Listing photos and video.

Real Estate
  • Capture the event and venue from the sky before, during or after.
  • Movie-like angles and camera techniques for a powerful and memorable video.
  • Hobbies or extreme sports.
  • Company promotional videos.
  • Special occasions.
  • Family photos.
  • Home & Building inspections.


  • Aerial photos & videos

    • Orbit the site and stitch together footage to create fluid progress time lapses of the project from start to finish.

    • Still shots from any height or angle.

    • Final photos and videos to showcase the final product, great for marketing and portfolios.

  • Showcase & document significant activities such as large concrete pours or flying roof trusses.


Contact us with any questions regarding the services we provide. Since there are a variety of possibilities, pricing varies based on the type of service. 


Head Office

Fort Collins, CO



Combining our passion for flying and capturing unique footage, our goal is to provide aerial photos and videos that add value to your life, hobby or profession. Enhance events with perspectives not once easily obtainable from the air with 4k video and 20 megapixel photos. 


We also operate from the ground with filming stabilization equipment and high resolution DSLR cameras to capture life at the normal level.

Patriot Drones is committed to being a one stop shop to meet the customer's photography and video needs, whether from the air or the ground. Not only are we skilled in photography and videography, we hold an FAA Part 107 Pilot's License, which allows us to legally fly commercially. Next to operating safely, customer service is top priority meaning we are here for you, striving to produce moments that will add value to your life, hobby or profession.